Members of Scientology in Puglia, Italy, Unite with the Community to fight drugs

Grand News Network | April 30, 2024

In Barletta, Italy, the Say No to Drugs Puglia campaign, supported by local businesses and schools, is making strides against drug abuse. Volunteers distribute educational materials and engage the community to protect the youth, demonstrating the power of collective action in fostering a drug-free future.

Barletta, Italy: A Community United Against Drug Abuse

In the streets of Barletta, a charming town nestled in Italy’s Puglia region there is an inspiring community project taking place. Spearheaded by the organization Say No to Drugs Puglia, working hand in hand with the Church of Scientology Mission of Barletta, this endeavor is making notable progress in promoting drug awareness. This initiative holds importance as it focuses on educating young individuals, about the risks associated with substance abuse before they are exposed to potential traffickers and suppliers.

Members of Scientology in Puglia, Italy, Unite with the Community to fight drugs

A Decade and a Half of Dedication

For more than 15 years Say No to Drugs Puglia has served as a source of hope in combating drug abuse in southern Italy. This organization is linked with the Foundation for a Drug Free World, whose preventive materials they use. Their cause has never been more vital. And “Safeguarding children from the impact of drugs requires collective effort” is a commonly echoed sentiment, among the dedicated volunteers driving this initiative.

The campaign’s approach focuses on involving the local community, especially local businesses. Volunteers wearing their colored T-shirts and caps have been visiting shops all over Barletta, distributing booklets and encouraging shop owners and employees to participate in the movement. Many shop owners have willingly showcased these booklets on their counters, and even put on Truth About Drugs T-shirts themselves to support the cause.

These materials serve a purpose bigger than just being brochures; they serve as a catalyst for action. They aim to educate individuals, about the risks associated with drug use and empower them to make well informed decisions to lead a drug free life. The engagement extends beyond shop owners; customers are also prompted to take copies of the booklets to pass along spreading awareness even further, and they happily join the movement.

Members of Scientology in Puglia, Italy, Unite with the Community to fight drugs

School Involvement and Education

The Say No to Drugs Puglia campaign is also active in schools, offering resources like booklets, DVDs and teaching materials for drug education classes. This effort begins early in the grade focusing on children before they are exposed to substances such as alcohol and marijuana.

Schools have shown support for these initiatives often requesting more materials for projects and research. Additionally, the Say No, to Drugs team holds lectures and conferences to prevent drug abuse attracting an audience eager to learn how they can help combat this issue.

A Supported Initiative

The Foundation for Drug Free World, with the backing of Scientology Churches and individual Scientologists, offers these resources at no cost. This backing highlights the significance of community and institutional support in addressing drug abuse issues. The Truth About Drugs initiative is influenced by the research of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, who regarded drugs as one of the most harmful element in our society today and who researched and developed a program to help addicts liberate themselves from this worldwide problem.

Members of Scientology in Puglia, Italy, Unite with the Community to fight drugs

Community Impact and Future Goals

The impact of the efforts by Say No to Drugs Puglia is truly noticeable. With every store owner who showcases a booklet and each educator who includes these resources in their teaching, the community moves closer to protecting its people. The campaign’s influence and its volunteers commitment remains steadfast.


As Say No to Drugs Puglia sets its sights on the future their objectives are evident; broaden the scope of their initiative involve community members and consistently equip youths with the information and resources required for leading healthy drug free lives. In Barletta it transcends being a campaign; it evolves into a community endeavor where every distributed booklet and each educational session fortifies the community’s resilience, against the threat of drugs.

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